Home Prices fall to 2002 Levels

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The housing market started the new year with a thud. Home prices dropped for the fifth consecutive month in January, reaching their lowest point since the end of 2002. The average home sold in that month … Continue reading

What benefits are there for me with the Robo-signing Settlement?

The Robo-signing Settlement is the second largest settlement in history and it can save you from foreclosure. The news has been abuzz in the past few weeks about the historic Robo-Signing Settlement reached between the government and five major lenders. … Continue reading

How does a Short Sale Work? (Video)

VIDEO Tania Michaels is a CDPE Las Vegas short sale specialist.

Should I keep paying my HOA fees if I’m doing a short sale?

Should I still pay my HOA if I’m doing a short sale? Answer: If you can, yes. The reason is the HOA fees and penalties stack up and make it harder to negotiate a deal between the bank and the … Continue reading

Robo Signing Settlement

If you know someone who’s property was foreclosed between Jan. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2011, they may have been subjected to fraudulent practices. Folks are sending in letters (like the one below) to their state Attorney General with their … Continue reading

Veer Towers

Historic Robo-Signing Settlement is Not Without Controversy

On February 9thth, the United States Justice Department released the details of a $25 billion dollar settlement they reached with 5 major banks. The settlement occurred because the banks were accused of widespread use of “Robo-signing.” Robo-signing is a practice … Continue reading

How many loan modifications have been approved? 2011

Via: USA Today, December 12, 2011 Full Article PDF Title: Comparing Foreclosure-aid Programs Most of the Obama administration’s foreclosure-prevention programs announced in 2009 and 2010 have fallen short of stated goals. How programs compare: Home AffordableModification Program (HAMP) Budget: $19 … Continue reading

Can you do a short sale or modification on an investment property?

Question:  I want to short sale my rental property but I’ve heard the bank won’t approve a short sale on an investment property.  Is that true? Answer: You can do a short sale on an investment property.  Owner occupied property … Continue reading

Investment Property Modification (Short Payoff by Relative)

Question: I have a rental property that is rented by my sister.  She wants to buy it but I have to do a short sale in order to sell it.  Am I allowed to sell it to her? I have … Continue reading

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